You know what really bothers me sometimes?

That hardly anyone (apart from people with Endometriosis) know that Marilyn Monroe had Endometriosis. Hence painkillers, hence death. Why is this not public knowledge? Why did I not know this, why doesn’t everyone know this?

If she had had cancer, everyone would have known. If she had died in a plane crash, everyone would have known. God forbid she merely had some unforgettable “women’s disease”..

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    This is something I will ALWAYS reblog
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    I HAVE Endometriosis and I didn’t know this!!!
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  9. avantcripple answered: I actually didn’t know this until just now and I had a hysterectomy from endometriosis in my late twenties. Wow.
  10. psychedelicmicrobus answered: I totally didn’t know this. Whoa.
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    I had no idea.
  13. artkeepsmesane answered: I knew because my mom is a Marilyn FREAK and knows everything about her. She had a lot of sucky ass times in her life, too D:
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  22. cleistog-amy answered: One of my best friends has this and it’s awful to see how much pain she’s in/operations she has to go through. More awareness needed for sure
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